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Eaten Alive

Eaten Alive

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Introducing Eaten Alive, the culinary brainchild of two chef wizards, Glyn and Pat, whose adventures in food, travel, and the magical world of fermentation have culminated in this spectacular hot sauce saga. With a combined seasoning of over 20 years sprinkled across the UK's most exciting kitchens – from the haute cuisine of L’Enclume and The Ledbury to the whimsical delights of Japanese-themed hotdogs and gourmet fried chicken – these culinary comrades have embarked on a mission to spice up the hot sauce game. 🌶️✨

In a sea of thousands of hot sauces, Eaten Alive stands out with its secret weapon: fermentation. This ancient technique transforms simple sauces into umami-packed, complex, and rounded chili delights, offering an addictive depth of flavor that's hard to come by. Each batch is lovingly fermented and matured for up to six months, a testament to their commitment to unparalleled taste that's clinched a trophy cabinet of awards. 🏆

But wait, there's more! Not only is Eaten Alive a festival of flavors, it's also bio-live, vegan, and crafted to ensnare your taste buds in the best possible way. Prepare to be captivated by the savoury charm of Eaten Alive, where every drop tells a story of passion, adventure, and the art of fermentation. Dive into the Eaten Alive experience, and let Glyn and Pat take your palate on a journey of discovery with every tantalizing, award-winning splash. 🚀🌿

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