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About Us

Our Mission

Create the UK's widest range of chilli sauce and make everyone "Hot Sauce Happy"!

Be prepared to discover a whole new batch of chilli sauces, attend hot sauce tastings, festivals, events - and join our hot sauce subscription club! We've got gift vouchers, competitions, and discounts for our newsletter subscribers - so join the hot sauce gang and experience a whole new world of flavoursome chilli condiments.

Our History

During covid, Flamin' J (AKA as James Nicolian), started feeding his enthusiasm for hot sauce by ordering new chilli sauces online to beat the lockdown blues.
Eventually this meant he had to get a whole new condiment fridge to which the long suffering Kate said, "If you're going to get this many hot sauces you better make it worthwhile". Little did she know that over the next year he'd take his obsession to the next level, creating a business by meeting craft hot sauce producers from across the globe and importing as many new sauces to the UK as possible. 

With extensive previous experience in hospitality - running bars, cocktail events, tastings and corporate events, James was perfectly placed to spot a gap in the UK market for craft hot sauces.

As well as being amazing hosts, our team are all taste enthusiasts - flavour fiends who immediately fell in love with idea of enhancing the taste of our every day foods, with affordable sauces, which travel easily!

Our hospo gang has dedicated themselves to becoming trained hot sauce experts - learning about the chillis, mash bills, hot sauce producers, chillis, hot sauce styles and their perfect pairings - to introduce a whole new language spice to the UK.

As the first team of trained "Hot Sauce Sommeliers" we can recommend the ultimate hot sauce for your next dish, gift, restaurant or chicken wing....
If you build it they will come... Some Like It Hot. Shop now import and stock over 1000 hot sauces and chilli products - 95% are new and unique to the UK market and we can't wait to introduce you to the flame and flavours we've enjoyed discovering.