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Secret Aardvark

Secret Aardvark

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Embark on a flavor journey with Secret Aardvark Trading Co., a culinary treasure trove born from the boundless creativity and passion of Scott Moritz in 2004. A man whose zest for life, love for travel, surfing, music, and storytelling was rivaled only by his quest to unearth the world's most tantalizing flavors. 🌍🌶️

From humble beginnings at Portland farmer’s markets, Secret Aardvark has soared to over 1,000 roadhouses, eateries, and grocery shelves from coast to coast, bringing a dash of extraordinary to tables where the cuisine shines, regardless of the decor. Scott's culinary saga began at the tender age of thirteen with a chili cook-off, leading him down a path of gastronomic ventures, including a pie company, several catering businesses, a tamale cart, and co-founding Portland’s Salvador Molly’s. 🍴✨

Dining at Scott's table was akin to securing a golden ticket, where each meal promised a delightful fusion of unforgettable flavors and stories. Sadly, Scott's grand adventure was cut short in 2009 due to pancreatic cancer, leaving behind a legacy and a dream: to share his unique, flavorful, and affordable sauces with the world. 🌟

Today, Secret Aardvark Trading Co. proudly carries on Scott's dream, inviting food enthusiasts everywhere to partake in the legacy of a man whose life was a testament to the power of following one's passions and the magic of a well-crafted sauce. Dive into the world of Secret Aardvark, where each sauce is not just an ingredient but a passage to Scott's vibrant world of taste and adventure. 🚀🔥

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