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Pineapple and Habanero

Strong pineapple taste. A ‘not too hot sauce’, in my view. Good on a ham sandwich or ice cream… yeah I know…
Easy to pour.

Bought for a friend, success!

I bought it as a gift for a friend for whom nothing is ever hot enough. This was hot enough. He smiled with tears running down his cheeks. Then he added more.
He was very impressed by the fact that it actually had a beautiful flavour (apparently. I am too chicken to try it).

Death by chocolate, what a lovely way to go!

Rich in wonderful superhot chilli flavours with a great burn. The balsamic and allspice work really well together. A must try if you like it hot. Scales well in terms of heat/volume. One drop is flavourful and warming but not overly hot. Larger amounts bring the heat very effectively if that's your thing too.

Excellent bone broth

I drink this regularly. It is packed full of nutrients. Very pure - just the broth concentrate with salt, so it is ideal if you have food intolerances. Surprisingly flavourful given that it has no added seasonings. Also zero carb so ideal for keto/carnivore.

Spankingly hot and salty out of the pot but delicious and not too hot when on eggs or food. Amazing stuff!

Nice! Worth trying once - not hot at all.

Absolutely lovely and not too hot. Great taste!

Very nice and mild - unusual flavour. Def worth trying once

TABASCO® Habanero Sauce 148ml
Miss Nicky Robertson
Fantastic habanero

Quick delivery & great product - thanks!

the best

Scorpion disco

Fruity yet punchy.
When my cold spot sweats we know it’s hot

Very good seller

Top seller of hard to find products
Appreciate the call for back for the product


Goes with everything!

Lovely and not too hot

Surprisingly good and just the right level of heat for a chilli jelly! Goes so well with cheese esp in sandwiches

This is my new favourite chilli hit. Addictive!

Wow this is amazing. Originally bought for roasted cauliflower with yogurt and dates but having bought it I use it on nearly everything!

Vinegar , but…

It’s a tasty sauce, a little on the vinegar side, and not remotely hot! But it’s okay! Where are the truly hot sauces!? I mean hot, proper hot, blow your mind hot!?

Rum & Hot Sauce = The Perfect Combo

I love rum, especially spiced rum (although arguably not the one used in this sauce tbf). I also love hot sauce. I LOVE this sauce. It's very well crafted, lime to bring out the spiced rum, brown sugar to sweeten but not create an overly sweet sauce. The heat is medium immediate, which then goes in small waves and is fantastic letting the flavour sing through. Even better is all natural ingredients, decent consistency and only thickened slightly with cornflour.

Funky little bottle, nice logo, decent consistency, big flavour, a good, medium, heat, pairs well with lots (pizza and wings for sure) I can't recommend enough. Slightly dearer than some sauces but worth every penny (and it's a bigger bottle).

You won't be disappointed and if you enjoy rum you will be in heaven!

Something quite different!

The first thing you notice upon taste is the vinegar, it's right there immediately and strong but with the (somewhat uncommon) ingredients that follow it is anything but boring or bland. It is sweet, tangy, and very moreish. The cinnamon comes through to work with the blueberries and vinegar perfectly.

Amazing price! low heat, biiiiig flavour. My only negative point would be it is a little thinner than I usually like, but it is not bland 1 bit. I enjoy a vinegar forward sauce but I can see how someone who doesn't would perhaps not enjoy this one, especially if they expect it to be more sweet or hot than tangy and sour.

Recommend this for sure, especially if you want something a little different and more unique. Pairs well with chicken and pork and salads.

Very nice!

Great sauce this one! After wanting to try for years (and being unable to find it or without crazy import costs) I was shocked to find it readily available and at a great price. The taste is wonderful, very tomato-y and barbecue-like with a medium amount of heat. The consistency is also amazing and doesn't have any added thickeners which is a big bonus.

This is the sort of sauce that would go with most things but would suit beef and chicken perfectly, especially off a grill.

The Back To The Future reference is also quite cool.

Definitely recommend this sauce!

Very disappointing, bland

Unfortunately this sauce has very little going for it for me. After tasting I checked immediately to see what the salt content was and if it contained added water as it was extremely bland. The 5/10 spice rating is about right but taste wise it's more like 2/5 (and 1 of those stars is because it is Scottish like myself). After decanting, adding more salt, and adding back to bottle it was nicer, but still not amazing. The peach flavour came through more then but not much on the rum front, or charred.

I wouldn't recommend this one personally but would definitely try others from same company as everything else (look, consistency, heat, price etc) was fine, just unfortunately very very bland.

Pretty good, something quite different!

I've wanted to try pickled watermelon rinds for years and before making my own I thought I should try some for reference. These are pretty damn good. It's a little tangy, with a lot of the spices coming through. They are not 'hot' at all but they have a lot of cinnamon flavour. They are also not too sweet or too tangy and hang about in-between these in a sweet and sour area.
The texture is soft and they are sort of see through.
Under a fiver is also a brilliant price, my only negative point would be that I don't feel they would pair with an awful lot of foods, but certainly pork, chicken and amazing as a snack/treat themselves.

Great sauces for wings challenge

Thanks for the sauces which worked brilliantly for hot wing challenge. Some really tasty ones and da bomb lived up to it's expectations (awful).

Thank you

Great customer service


A subtle, fruity taste, delicious, but not hot enough!

There is a pleasant zing to this sauce, but not as hot as I’d hoped.

BBQ sauce that smacks you in the chops👍🥩🔥

A sauce that has it all. Love a bit of heat, and it really hits the spot - but you can still taste that bbq tang coming through