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Heriot Hott - Charred Peach, Scotch Bonnet and Spiced Rum 148ml


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Heriot Hott, the renowned Scottish Hot Sauce company, proudly presents its Charred Peach, Scotch Bonnet, and Spiced Rum hot sauce, a vegan culinary creation that masterfully blends the sweetness of charred peaches with the fiery kick of Scotch Bonnet peppers, all elegantly finished with a hint of spiced rum. This unique sauce strikes a delightful balance between sweet, spicy, and boozy flavors, offering a heat level that's accessible yet thrilling, rated at a moderate 5/10.

Each 150ml bottle encapsulates this adventurous blend, inviting connoisseurs and casual fans alike to shake well before use, ensuring the perfect mix of its gourmet ingredients. Heriot Hott emphasizes the importance of storing this precious sauce in a cool, dry place to maintain its optimal flavor profile.

Upon opening, it's advised to keep the sauce refrigerated and to indulge within three weeks, capturing the essence of its vibrant, fresh taste in every meal. The Charred Peach, Scotch Bonnet, and Spiced Rum hot sauce from Heriot Hott is more than just a condiment; it's an invitation to explore a bold world of flavors that perfectly embodies the craft and creativity of Scottish hot sauce artistry.


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  • Volume
    148 mL

Reviews (1)

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Whitton
Very disappointing, bland

Unfortunately this sauce has very little going for it for me. After tasting I checked immediately to see what the salt content was and if it contained added water as it was extremely bland. The 5/10 spice rating is about right but taste wise it's more like 2/5 (and 1 of those stars is because it is Scottish like myself). After decanting, adding more salt, and adding back to bottle it was nicer, but still not amazing. The peach flavour came through more then but not much on the rum front, or charred.

I wouldn't recommend this one personally but would definitely try others from same company as everything else (look, consistency, heat, price etc) was fine, just unfortunately very very bland.

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