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Underwood Ranches

Underwood Ranches

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Welcome to the spicy world of Underwood Ranches, America's pepper-growing titan for over 50 years! From the vast fields of Ventura and Kern Counties, this pepper empire cultivates more than 2,000 acres of red jalapeños, alongside a variety of peppers like Anaheim and Poblano, through rigorous taste trials ensuring only the spiciest, most flavorful crops.

Crops favoured by a certain iconic green capped rooster brand for decades, which ironic spurred Underwood into producing their own, already renowned sriracha.

But the heat doesn't stop there! Underwood Ranches has brilliantly ventured into creating a range of sauces from their premium peppers. These sauces are as pure as it gets - free from artificial preservatives, made in the USA, and boasting the essence of peppers that have been meticulously grown from seed to sauce on California soil.

Dive into the vibrant flavors of Underwood Ranches, where every sauce bottle is a journey from their fields to your table, promising to add an authentic American spice to your culinary adventures. Experience the zest that Underwood Ranches pours into every creation, capturing the essence of their spicy heritage in every drop. 🌶️🔥

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