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Trouble & Spice

Trouble & Spice

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Step right up, flavor adventurers, and say goodbye to bland and boring meals! Introducing Trouble & Spice, where Spice + Texture = Flavour! Imagine a world where mild to medium heat meets a sassy attitude, bringing a burst of life to your dining table. Remember those unforgettable food moments? The vibrant street food in Malaysia, the enchanting scents of India, and those irresistible wafts of garlic and tomatoes in Italy - they're all here, bottled up in Nicole's magical range of chilli-based condiments!

Nicole, our culinary genius, has turned her treasured food memories into a tantalizing collection that's more than just a condiment; it's a ticket to a world of flavor. She's crafted these gems using high oleic sunflower oil and olive oil, the superheroes of good fats, creating a range of crispy chilli oils that are the secret ingredient your kitchen has been longing for. These aren't just oils; they're your shortcut to culinary brilliance!

Your customers are in for a treat, as these oils pair like a dream with kitchen staples. Mix them through a soup, swirl them into rice, or crown a stir-fry, and watch a simple meal turn into a gourmet experience. Handmade in small batches, these chilli-based wonders are the helping hand every home chef needs to create flavor-packed meals without spending hours in the kitchen. Trouble & Spice is here to transform your cooking into a delightful, unforgettable journey with every drop!

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