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Sri Lankan Hot Sauce

Sri Lankan Hot Sauce

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Sri Lankan cuisine is renowned for its use of fiery spices and chillies, embodying the island's love for bold flavors. Chillies were introduced to Sri Lanka by Portuguese traders in the 15th century and quickly became integral to local gastronomy. The hallmark of Sri Lankan chili tradition is the ubiquitous ‘Lunu Miris’, a spicy blend of red onions, crushed chillies, salt, and lime juice, often ground together in a stone mortar. Another popular condiment is ‘Pol Sambol’, a mixture of grated coconut, red chillies, lime juice, and spices. These hot sauces are more than just accompaniments; they are a testament to the Sri Lankan palate, which favors depth and intensity of flavor, and reflect the communal nature of their meals, where a variety of dishes are shared and enjoyed together.

Here's some of our favourite hot sauces made in the Sri Lankan style: 

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