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Pex Peppers

Pex Peppers

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Pex Peppers is a small-batch hot sauce company based in Pueblo, Colorado, known for its all-natural, spicy condiments. The company was founded by Garrett Peck, who began his journey in 2009 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Pex Peppers moved to Pueblo in late 2016, attracted by the local Pueblo Chile, which became a significant ingredient in many of their sauces.

Garrett Peck's personal story is quite inspiring. After a liver transplant in 2004, he struggled with addiction to prescribed drugs. Peck turned his life around by focusing on making hot sauce, which eventually helped him stay clean. His first creation was the HornetBOMB, a habanero-and-honey sauce that remains one of the company's popular products. Today, Pex Peppers offers a wide range of hot sauces, including top sellers like Gold Rush and Cosmic Peach.

Pex Peppers emphasizes using high-quality ingredients without fillers like carrots or bell peppers, ensuring that their hot sauces are packed with genuine pepper flavors. Notable sauces include "I'm So Chile," which features roasted Pueblo chiles, and "HornetBOMB," made with orange habaneros and local wildflower honey.

The company sources its Pueblo Chiles from Musso Farms and produces its sauces at the Excelsior Food Hub in Boone, Colorado. Pex Peppers has experienced significant growth, prompting them to open their own manufacturing and retail space in Pueblo.

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