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Leithal Hot Sauce

Leithal Hot Sauce

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Meet the spicy trio: Will, Ricky, & Pete, the brains behind Leithal Hot Sauces! In the 2020 lockdown, they turned their hot sauce hobby into a crusade for flavor, challenging the heat-heavy world of hot sauces with their flavor-first creations. 🌶️💥

Leithal Hot Sauces is all about packing a punch with taste, not just heat. They've crafted a lineup that's a feast for the senses, perfect for everything from burritos to breakfast eggs. Now, three years on, they're spicing up Scotland and beyond, leading a delicious revolution one bottle at a time.

Ready to join the flavor-first revolution? With Leithal, discover that true heat comes with great flavor, and once you've tried it, there's no going back. 🔥✨

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