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Elijah's Xtreme

Elijah's Xtreme

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Elijah's Xtreme® burst onto the spicy scene with a heartwarming tale of a father and son bound by their love for all things fiery. 🌶️💖 Born from a quest to craft the ultimate hot sauce, one that marries scorching heat with mouthwatering flavor, this dynamic duo officially set the culinary world ablaze in June 2014 with their Ghost Pepper Sauce launch. By August, they had already snagged a prime spot in Bass Pro Shops nationwide, quickly becoming a hot favorite among the chain's fiery-food aficionados.

The seeds of this spicy venture were planted way back in 2003 in a humble garden, where a 6-year-old Elijah, fueled by curiosity and a budding pepper passion, dreamed of setting a world record. With a single bite of a hot banana pepper, courtesy of his father Bret, Elijah's spicy journey took off—tears, water runs, and all. 🚀🔥

Fast forward eight years, and this father-son powerhouse now boasts a tantalizing lineup of seven sauces, ranging from the mildly sweet pineapple-mango habanero to the tear-jerking Xtreme Regret. Each sauce is a testament to their commitment to flavor and heat, lovingly handcrafted to hit that perfect spicy sweet spot.

With over 60 industry awards under their belt, Elijah's Xtreme isn't just a brand; it's a spicy sensation sweeping the nation, one award-winning bottle at a time. Dive into their deliciously daring world and experience the perfect blend of heat and flavor that's been captivating chili heads since 2014. 🔥🏆

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