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Earnest Hemingway Gourmet Sauces

Earnest Hemingway Gourmet Sauces

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Not so long ago, Hemingway was, in our minds, just this prolific writer and adventurer we had all admired and revered. Then, thanks to a casual conversation between old friends, he became something more - a way for us to tell his story through flavors.

To take Hemingway's love of travel, culture and cuisine and turn it into something both tangible and tastable. A way to, in a sense, experience flavor like he did.

Earnest Hemingway Gourmet Sauces have a goal and mission to provide consumers with a way to travel his culinary world through the products they create. From Key West to Cuba, France to Spain to Africa, the flavors they have created allow you to travel the world via taste, not planes, trains or automobiles!

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