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Bourbon Country Products

Bourbon Country Products

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Step into the flavor-soaked world of Bourbon Country Products, kick-started in 1991 by Paul Inclan. What started with the iconic Makers Mark Gourmet sauce has exploded into a culinary treasure trove. This brand quickly became a sensation, adding the coveted Wild Turkey Sauce to its collection and partnering with a Bardstown, KY distillery to craft a lineup that's a toast to bourbon lovers everywhere. 🥃🎉

From gourmet sauces to jams, jellies, syrups, and fiery hot sauces, each product is a nod to the elegance of bourbon bottles. Their lineup, including the original Gourmet Sauce, Habanero sauce, and legendary colossal cherries, is a celebration of rich, bold flavors. 🍒🔥

Dive into Bourbon Country Products and taste the tradition and innovation blended in every bottle. It's a flavor journey for those who love their food with a side of history. 🌟

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