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Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce 148ml Review: Top UK Choice?

Some Like It Hot |

If you're a fan of spicing up your meals, we recently tried out the Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce and were quite pleased with its performance. With its refreshing jalapeño flavour, it offers medium heat that's not overpowering, making it an ideal companion for a range of dishes.

This 148ml bottle is imported from America, giving those of us in the UK access to a flavour that's more commonly found across the pond. Its versatility stood out to us; it's just as good drizzled over a plate of fish as it is mixed into a salad. Those looking to add a mild kick to their dishes without going too hot will appreciate this green variety.

Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce main image

We've noticed this larger bottle size seems to be a bit of a rarity in local shops, so it's a good find for enthusiasts. It's not just the size that's convenient; the taste itself seems to be a hit with many, adding a lovely piquant without taking over the dish's original flavours.

Bottom Line

Our verdict on the Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce is that it's a must-try. It strikes a great balance between heat and taste, making it accessible for those who appreciate a milder kick.

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Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce Overview

From our latest culinary adventures, we find that the Green Pepper Sauce by Tabasco introduces a fresh kick to dishes without overwhelming the palate. With distilled vinegar, 30% jalapeño pepper, and a touch of maize starch among its ingredients, this American import comes in a generous 148ml size, making it a mainstay in our kitchen for longer.

At a 4.6 rating online, it's clear we’re not the only ones enjoying the zesty yet not-too-hot flavour. It's the perfect accompaniment to seafood and can elevate a simple salad to a memorable dish. In our experience with it, the milder heat compared to the red variety allows us to experiment more liberally with our cooking.

Many have noted its scarcity in local shops, but thankfully it's still available for online purchase. And, once opened, it keeps well in the fridge, so there's no rush to use it all at once. We appreciate its versatility and find it pairs superbly with meats, vegetables, and even eggs, proving itself as a must-have condiment for anyone looking to add a subtle zip of heat to their meals.

Distinctive Jalapeño Flavour

In our experience, the Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce offers a unique twist on the classic heat we've come to expect from a quality hot sauce. With a noteworthy 30% composition of jalapeño peppers, it delivers a milder but discernible kick. This less intense flavour allows the green jalapeño's natural tanginess to shine, making it quite versatile in complementing rather than overpowering dishes.

What distinguishes this sauce is the well-balanced blend of ingredients including distilled vinegar and a hint of salt, which enhances the tangy character. However, some may find it slightly less fiery than traditional red varieties, meaning that heat-seekers might not be fully satisfied. The maize starch and xanthan gum lend a stable consistency, so it pours smoothly without turning your meal into a soggy affair.

Overall, our verdict is that it's a great choice for those who enjoy flavourful heat without the burn, ideal for adding zest to wings or a gentle kick to your favourite recipes.

Convenient 148ml Size

Having recently tried the Green Pepper Sauce by Tabasco, we found the 148ml bottle to be a particularly handy size. It's compact enough to fit in a small kitchen cupboard or take with you on a picnic without taking up much space. The quantity is generous enough for several servings yet small enough to ensure the sauce remains fresh and flavourful throughout its use.

While some might desire a larger bottle to avoid the need for frequent repurchases, we appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this size. It's perfect for individuals or small families who are looking to add a kick of flavour to their meals without committing to a bulk-size bottle.

The sauce's packaging in a glass bottle also adds to the quality feel, protecting the integrity of the pepper sauce and making it a durable option for those of us who are a bit clumsy in the kitchen. The cap's design prevents accidental spills, which is a relief given the sauce's potent zest.

Overall, we find the 148ml size just right for regular use, providing a balance between practicality and the need to maintain the sauce's piquancy over time.

Authentic American Import

In our hands, the 148ml bottle of Tabasco's Green Pepper Sauce feels like a little piece of America. This sauce is an authentic import, boasting a distinct flavour profile that adds a pleasant heat to dishes without overpowering them. Our testing found it especially delightful on wings, where the blend of jalapeño peppers and distilled vinegar complemented the crispy skin superbly.

Although it's labelled as a hot sauce, the heat level is moderate which makes it appealing to a wider audience. The thickness, imparted by maize starch, gives it a good cling to food, meaning you get a consistent taste in every bite. The use of ascorbic acid helps keep the sauce fresh, assuring that the quality remains intact from the first to the last drop.

What's worth noting is the packaging – its bottle design ensures easy pouring while keeping spills at bay. The green sauce, when drizzled over your favourite snacks, not only enhances the taste but also adds a vibrant hue to the presentation.

Our experience suggests, however, that while this product does wonders for casual dining, it might not satisfy those looking for an extreme heat kick. Its mildness is its strength but also limits its application for hot sauce aficionados desiring a more intense experience. Nevertheless, for most of us, it hits the right notes of heat and flavour.

Versatile Culinary Uses

We've recently been experimenting with the Green Pepper Sauce from Tabasco, and it's surprised us with its versatility in the kitchen. Its milder heat profile compared to the original red version allows it to complement dishes without overpowering them. We've found it's perfect for livening up a brunch—just a few dashes in avocado on toast and you’ve got a zesty kick that wakes up your palate.

When it comes to lunch, incorporating a splash into salad dressings can transform a simple garden salad. The tangy flavour pairs particularly well with vinaigrettes, adding an extra dimension that's far from your everyday salad experience.

For dinner, we've discovered it elevates grilled chicken wings to new heights, providing a subtle, herby heat that isn't too aggressive but still satisfying for those who enjoy a bit of spice. While the sauce is marketed as great for wings, don't let that limit you—try it with seafood pastas or as a secret ingredient in your homemade salsas.

Even though the sauce is versatile, it's not a one-size-fits-all; its distinct profile may not blend well with very delicate flavours, and it lacks the intense heat some might seek. But for those looking for a flavourful, user-friendly sauce that’s approachable, this Green Pepper Sauce is a solid choice.

Pros and Cons

When we recently added the TABASCO Green Pepper Sauce to our pantry collection, its vibrant flavour profile complemented a wide variety of dishes. The sauce impresses with a milder heat level which suits palates that prefer a gentler kick, enhancing meals without overwhelming them. Fans of the brand's lineup will find it a refreshing alternative to the classic red variety.

On the upside, the 148ml bottle is generous, particularly for those of us who've only encountered smaller versions in local shops. It's versatility is notable; whether splashed on wings, dashed in salads, or drizzled over eggs, the sauce adds a delightful tang.

However, availability can be patchy on the high street, prompting the need to purchase online. While not a deal-breaker, it's an inconvenience. The flavour might be too mild for those who crave a fiery heat wave in their condiments. And while it's a crowd-pleaser, its distinctive jalapeño aroma may not cater to every preference.

Overall, the American-imported TABASCO Green Pepper Sauce has found a welcome spot in our culinary rotation; just be aware of its milder taste and shop availability.

Customer Reviews

We've noticed a general consensus among buyers that this green Tabasco sauce strikes a balance between flavour and heat. Many appreciate its milder taste compared to the traditional red variety, finding it versatile enough to enhance a wide range of dishes without overpowering them. It's frequently praised for its refreshing taste, with a particular nod to how well it pairs with fish and salads.

Some buyers express relief in finding the 148ml bottle online, noting its scarcity in local shops. It's described as a good value, with a size that's convenient for those looking to stock up. The fast delivery and excellent condition upon arrival are also points of satisfaction.

Enthusiastic comments highlight that it's a cherished gift item, especially for those who have experienced it abroad. The milder heat level seems to be a hit, offering just the right amount of kick for a piquant boost to meals. People seem to love incorporating it into their breakfast, lunch, and dinner, confirming its status as a pantry staple.

The lack of negative feedback suggests that this sauce is well-received, with the only grievance being its limited availability in physical stores. Overall, we've gathered that customers are pleased with this American-imported green pepper sauce, often mentioning its distinct Jalapeño aroma and solidifying its place as a favourite among the Tabasco lineup.


Having explored the versatility of this green sauce, it's clear why it's a staple in many kitchens. Our experience mirrors what many others have found—it offers a perfect balance of heat and flavour that isn't overpowering. It's ideal for those who appreciate a milder kick than the red variety. We've used it on eggs, salads, and an array of meats, and each time it has elevated the meal without dominating it.

While it can be challenging to find in stores, the convenience of online availability is a major plus. A few of us had reservations about how the milder taste would hold up against robust dishes, but were pleasantly surprised at its ability to impart just the right amount of zest.

Though some might be looking for an intense heat, which this may not provide, it's the kind of sauce that finds a middle ground—piquant enough to notice, yet gentle enough to appeal to a variety of palates. In our book, it's a value purchase that won't disappoint those seeking a zesty addition to their condiment collection.