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Is there a Sriracha shortage? The Story of Huey Fong and their unlikely successor: Underwood Ranches Sriracha

Underwood Sriracha

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In the dynamic world of hot sauces, few narratives are as compelling as that of Underwood Ranches, a brand that stands out not only for its rich agricultural heritage but also for its pivotal role in the history of sriracha sauce in America, having cultivated chillis since 1867.

Underwood Ranches, once the primary supplier of red jalapeños for Huy Fong Foods' renowned Sriracha, has transitioned from supplier to competitor, crafting its own version of the beloved sauce. This move came after a significant legal battle with Huy Fong, resulting in Underwood Ranches being awarded over $23 million in damages, highlighting a dramatic shift in their longstanding partnership.

As hot sauce enthusiasts search for alternatives amidst a Huy Fong Sriracha shortage, largely attributed to chili supply issues, Underwood Ranches' Sriracha emerges as a commendable contender. This transition underscores a broader narrative of resilience and innovation within the hot sauce industry, particularly for those seeking the authentic taste that once defined Huy Fong's offerings.

Recent press reviews have placed Underwood Ranches' Sriracha in the spotlight, comparing it favorably to Huy Fong's original formula. Critics and consumers alike have noted Underwood Ranches' Sriracha for its unique flavor profile, which, while distinct, captures the essence of what many sought in Huy Fong's version. This sauce is characterized by an earthy, bell pepper-like flavor with a sweet, pure chile taste, complemented by a slightly sour smack and a lingering heat. This profile is enriched by the direct involvement of Underwood Ranches in the entire cultivation and production process, embodying a seed-to-sauce ethos that ensures quality and authenticity.

Underwood Ranches' commitment to quality, evident in their meticulous control over the production process, from growing their own peppers to bottling the sauce, resonates with consumers and critics. The brand's dedication to authenticity and quality has not gone unnoticed, with recent reviews lauding the fresh and flavorful experience their Sriracha provides. This commitment to quality and the rich, agricultural legacy of Underwood Ranches sets their Sriracha apart as not just an alternative, but a preferred choice for many seeking the original taste and heat of Huy Fong's Sriracha.

In the UK, Some Like It Hot has become a fervent champion of Underwood Ranches, introducing their Sriracha to a market eager for quality and authenticity. This partnership is a testament to the growing appreciation for hot sauces that offer more than just heat; they provide a connection to the land and the meticulous care that goes into their creation.

For those in search of the authentic taste once found in Huy Fong's Sriracha, Underwood Ranches offers not just an alternative but a return to the roots of what made Sriracha a global phenomenon.

Underwood Ranches,  are now renowned for their seed-to-sauce ethos, has crafted a diverse line of sauces that highlight their expertise in pepper cultivation. This array of sauces, praised for their authentic flavors, includes:

  • Verde Hot Sauce: Featuring roasted green jalapeños mixed with spices and lemon juice, it's perfect for Mexican cuisine, eggs, and seafood, offering a taste akin to biting into a fresh jalapeño.
  • Roja Hot Sauce: A smoky concoction of roasted red jalapeños and spices, this is their spiciest sauce, ideal for enhancing Mexican dishes, pizza, or seafood with its layered heat.
  • Carolina Gold: A fusion of red jalapeños and mustard-based Carolina-style BBQ sauce, excellent for pulled pork, hot dogs, and more, where the mustard flavor initially pops before the jalapeño heat kicks in.
  • Spicy BBQ Sauce: Distinguished by its use of red jalapeño peppers instead of tomato products, this sauce provides a fresh, garlicky kick suitable as a finishing sauce for various proteins.


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