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Spice Up Your Life: Heating up your Valentines Day with Chilli and Hot Sauce

Spice Up Your Life: Heating up your Valentines Day with Chilli and Hot Sauce

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Valentine's Day is a special time to celebrate love and affection with your significant other. If you and your partner enjoy a bit of heat in your food, why not add some spice to your celebration with chilli peppers? Here are a few ideas to help you incorporate chillis into your Valentine's Day:

  1. Hot and spicy dinner - Cook up a romantic meal with a spicy twist. Try a spicy pasta dish or a hot and spicy stir-fry . Make sure to have plenty of hot sauce on the table for those who like extra heat -  we'd suggest the Love Burns Sauce, made all the way in Florida and made popular by the show "Hot Ones".

  2. Chilli-infused cocktails - Mix up a batch of spicy cocktails using chilli-infused spirits or hot sauces. Why not add a splash of Tabasco to a classic margarita for a spicy twist - or go one step further, and make a Spicy Passionfruit Magarita, and rim your glass with the classic Mexican Tajin salt.

  3. Sweet and spicy treats - Indulge in some sweet and spicy treats such as chilli-spiced chocolate or chilli-infused desserts. Or for the more adventurous why not try I Scream, chocolate and raspberry hot sauce designed for desert!

  4. Hot sauce gift basket - Create a unique and thoughtful gift by putting together a hot sauce gift basket - or picking one from our chilli gift selection here.

  5. Hot sauce challenge - For a fun and interactive activity, try a hot sauce challenge together. Cook some chicken or vegan wings, and start with mild hot sauces and work your way up to the hottest one. See who can handle the heat! Get one of our hot ones challenge box here.