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Smokin' Hot: Delicious Chipotle Hot Sauces

Smokin' Hot: Delicious Chipotle Hot Sauces

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What is Chipotle?

Chipotle is a variety of chilli pepper that has become famous for its unique smoky flavor. The process of creating chipotle involves smoking red jalapeño peppers over a low, smoky fire for several days until they are completely dry. The smoking ovens are typically constructed from bricks and clay, with a firebox on one side and a smoke chamber on the other. The jalapeno peppers are then placed on racks in the smoke chamber and left to dry for several days.

Chipotle chillies are a popular ingredient in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine, thanks to their distinct flavor profile. They are known for their medium level of heat and have become a staple ingredient in many dishes, including chili con carne, enchiladas, and tacos. However, they are also used in marinades, rubs, and sauces, as well as salsas and dips.

The history of chipotle peppers can be traced back to the Aztecs, who are credited with being the first to smoke jalapeño peppers. Since then, the technique of smoking peppers has spread throughout the world, with chipotle chillies being widely used in Mexican cuisine, as well as in other cuisines around the globe.

On the Scoville scale, which measures the heat of chili peppers, chipotle chillies typically fall in the lower end. The heat level can vary depending on the length and intensity of the smoking process. Smoking jalapeños can release some of the capsaicin oils, responsible for the pepper's heat, increasing the spiciness slightly.

They are not as hot as some other varieties of chilli, such as habanero or ghost pepper, but they still pack a decent amount of heat - given that jalapeños themselves usually rate at 2,500 - 5000 scoville units, with the hottest chillis capable of reaching over 1 million.

Chipotle chillies pair well with a variety of foods, including grilled meats, vegetables, and seafood. They are often used to add smokiness and heat to dishes like chili con carne, enchiladas, and tacos. They can also be used in marinades, rubs, and sauces, as well as in salsas and dips.

Chipotle Chillis


Here's 6 of our favorites Chipotle Condiments:

Melinda's Hot Sauce

Melinda's Chipotle Hot Sauce - Melinda's Chipotle hot sauce is a smoky and spicy sauce that packs a punch of heat and flavor. Made with chipotle peppers, garlic, and a blend of spices, this sauce has a smoky and earthy taste that is perfect for everything from Tacos to grilled cheese!

Horseshoe Hot Sauce

Maple Cayenne by Horseshoe Brands - This is a collaboration with Crown Maple Syrup, and balances savory and sweet so well! Plenty of garlic, with smokey chipotle, heat from cayenne peppers and sweetened with vanilla and a touch of cinnamon - (and of course Maple Syrup). My go to sauce for chicken & waffles.

Puckerbutt Pepper Co

Chipotle Express by Puckerbutt Pepper Co - Grown by chilli legend Smokin' Ed Currie - (grower of the world's hottest chilli pepper) - this also includes Pepper X - to turn a normally mild sauce wild - this became famous after featuring in season 9 of Hot Ones.

Sal Sala by La Chipotlera - La Chipotlera is a rather special maker - with the only Chipotle oven in Europe they produce authentic Mexican style Chipotles. This salt is rich and earthy, and perfect seasoning on tacos - but in our house we've come to use this salt on just about everything - it's a cupboard must have.

Chipotle Hot Sauce

Black Mamba Chipotle Chillisauce - Black Mamba comes all the way from Eswatini, nestled just above South Africa. An ethical company who helps employ over a thousand people at their chilli farm. Made with chipotle peppers and all natural ingredients, this sauce is a deep red color and has a thick consistency, and a smoky and savory flavor, with moderate heat


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