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Melting Together: The Perfect Match of Cheese & Chilli

Melting Together: The Perfect Match of Cheese & Chilli

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Different cheeses pair well with different chilli peppers depending on the intensity and flavor profile of both the cheese and the pepper. Some popular cheese and chili pepper combinations include:

1. Queso fresco and jalapenos: The mild flavor and creamy texture of queso fresco complements the slightly tangy heat of jalapenos. Why not try the Panola Peppers sweet and spicy Jalapenos with Queso Fresco on your tacos?

2. Pepper jack cheese and habaneros: Pepper jack cheese has a bold, spicy flavor that pairs well with the intense heat of habaneros. Kelly's Jelly make a Habanero Marionberry Jelly which is perfect for a cheeseboard (a Marionberry is type of intense blackberry from Oregon).

3. Blue cheese and chipotle: The tangy, pungent flavor of blue cheese complements the smoky heat of chipotle peppers. We love this Scarlett and Mustard Chipotle chilli jam with cheese and crackers.

4. Feta cheese and serranos: The saltiness of feta cheese balances the mild to moderate heat of serranos. This Valentina Sauce from Mexico uses serrano peppers to great effect in a simple but delicious cupboard staple.

5. Cheddar cheese and bird’s eye chillies: The richness of cheddar cheese balances the intense heat of bird’s eye chillies. We sell birdeye chilli purree from the Chilli Mash Company - that is great if you want to make your own chilli jam.

Remember that the heat level can vary widely depending on the individual chili pepper, so always taste before using to avoid overpowering the cheese.