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Buzzin' Chilli Sauce: The latest craze for Hot Honey!

Buzzin' Chilli Sauce: The latest craze for Hot Honey!

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Un-bee-lievably delicious ways to turn up the heat on your favorite dishes!

Hello, heat-seekers! Are you ready to get buzzin' with the latest culinary craze that's taking the world by storm? That's right, we're talking about Hot Honey!

Gone are the days of bland, boring condiments, because this spicy and sweet sensation is here to transform your meals into tantalizing taste experiences. And if you think you've seen all that honey can do, hold on to your taste buds, because we're diving into the world of creamy spreadable jalapeño honey and Scotch Bonnet drizzle honey!

Get ready to slather this smooth, spicy, and sweet delight onto anything that needs a flavor boost. Creamy spreadable jalapeño honey is a delectable blend of fresh jalapeños and the natural sweetness of honey, whipped up into a silky spread that'll have you coming back for more. It's the perfect way to add a touch of heat and sweetness to your morning toast or bagel, but don't stop there! Mix it into cream cheese for a spicy twist on your favorite party dip, or spread it onto your sandwich for an unforgettable lunchtime treat. This hot honey is made by the Holton Homestead in Iowa, small batch, craft and totally delicious.
If you're a true heat aficionado, you'll want to grab a bottle of Scotch Bonnet drizzle honey ASAP. This fiery concoction combines the fruity, fiery flavor of Scotch Bonnet peppers with the natural sweetness of honey for a condiment that's equal parts spicy and sweet. Drizzle it over pizza, roasted veggies, or even your morning oatmeal for a taste explosion that's sure to wake up your senses! This honey is from Scotland - made by Wilderbee, and it's one of our most popular products.
JD's Hot Collection. Their Original jalapeño hot honey blend and new XXTRA Hot Habanero Honey blend of sweet heat sauces. The best new topping for your Pizza, BBQ, Fish, Cheese, eggs and even Ice cream (trust us, try it!) Original JD's HOT Flakes - a thick cut, large and premium green jalapeño flakes that bring a low to medium heat. Use these to add some colour and texture to your pasta, pizza, stir fry or chilli. Packed in a mini lever tin. JD's Hot Oil - A brand new, premium extra virgin olive oil infused with red chillis. A smooth a velvety Spanish extra Virgin olive oil that is infused with fiery red chillis to add some Mediterranean heat to your pasta, roast vegetable, potatoes, pizza or bruschetta. The perfect gift for the chilli lover in your life, or if you just want to improve your condiment cupboard at home!
🍽️ Buzzworthy Ways to Use Hot Honey 🍽️
Now that you've been introduced to these spicy honey delights, let's talk about some fun and delicious ways to use them in your everyday cooking:
Wings, baby, wings! Toss your favorite chicken wings in a mixture of hot honey and melted butter for a finger-licking-good appetizer that'll have everyone buzzing.
Spice up your sandwich game! Spread a layer of creamy spreadable jalapeño honey onto your favorite sandwich, and watch it go from basic to extraordinary in seconds.
Say "cheese"! Drizzle Scotch Bonnet honey over a plate of cheese and crackers for an upscale snack that'll impress your guests and your taste buds.
Pimp your pizza! Forget about basic marinara sauce—upgrade your pizza night with a drizzle of hot honey, and experience a flavor combination that's out of this world.
Amp up your avocado toast! Spread a layer of creamy spreadable jalapeño honey onto your toast before topping it with avocado, then finish with a sprinkle of red pepper flakes and a squeeze of lime for a truly buzzworthy breakfast.
So go ahead, heat-seekers—unleash your inner culinary adventurer and get buzzin' with these sizzling hot honey sensations. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!